Bank Khon

The project TechLife have developed is a blood donation mobile application with Blood bank information system that acts as a directory between blood donors, blood seekers and blood banks. This mobile app will connect blood seekers and blood donors, and will send you request notifications if someone needs blood. All it takes is to create an account and specify your address and blood type. Users can use map to search for blood nearby in city and send messages to each other as well.

Through this app users will stay updated with the notifications of any requirements of blood at any part of your city. Meanwhile, users can also send notifications if they or their loved ones are in need of blood urgently.

This application greatly helps to ease and promote this humanitarian act of blood donation which can save many lives particularly of mothers and children, who are more likely to be victim of severe life threatening blood loss, and less known fact is that blood donation has its own benefits for blood donor as well.

Product Name
بانک خون
May 5, 2016
Ideas, Development
Problem Statement

It’s a well-known fact that many patients lose their lives waiting for the right blood to be found. Blood banks suffer frequent shortage of blood; hence, advertisements are frequently seen on social networks urging healthy individuals to donate blood for patients who urgently require blood transfusion. The blood donation process usually consumes a lot of time and effort from both donors and medical staff since there is no concrete information system that allows donors and blood donation centers communicate efficiently and coordinate with each other to minimize time and effort required for blood donation process.

Moreover, most blood banks work in isolation and are not integrated with other blood donation centers and health organizations which affect the blood donation and blood transfusion services’ quality.

In a country like Afghanistan, where incidents happen more than usual, many hospital’s blood banks are not equipped with sufficient amount of blood which is vital for saving a patient’s life. Recently, when an incident happens people use social media to find the right blood for their needy relatives or friends.


This application is meant to benefit and save the lives of our needy countrymen who are either injured in incidents or have lost blood in operation.

There are three beneficiaries which can get benefits from the management information system of blood bank and blood donation mobile application which are.

  1. Donors: person who wants to donate the blood voluntarily at the blood donation camp. Information system also keeps the record of the donors who wants to register online.
  2. Seekers: person who wants the blood from the blood bank due to various reasons like accidents, surgeries, delivery and many more.
  3. Blood bank: staff people which are working in the blood bank which includes staff member, operator, blood bank in charge, head of pathological department.

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