Election Monitoring App

Election Monitoring App is a mobile application designed and developed in three languages (English, Dari, and Pashto) for monitoring the supervision of election process in Afghanistan. The application developed by TechLife to be used for supervision of election by the help of Free & Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan Organization (FEFA). 

Product Name:
Election Monitoring App
May 5, 2018
Development, Ideas
Problem Statement:

During the past elections, FEFA had difficulties regarding its observes present on election day in specific polling station we introduced his/her before election day to be observe the election on polling & beyond process. 

weakness in receiving election day observation report properly, on time (four quantitative report including; opening, during, closing & counting process on election day with 4-6 questions in each report)   

now  FEFA want to control the presence of its observers during election day through TechLife’s Elction Monitoring App. 


This app is used by FEFA to collect accurate information during election days from regions in the country. The app is available for all the supervisors which are work for FEFA around the country, every supervisor verified by the application to ensure to grant the supervision via the app.

This application has a three-tier architecture which means the data which are send by client it automatically stores in central database which is fully manageable by the system administrator.

The application is very easy to use and localized for better understanding and has good UX and UI, users can easily send report by passing few simple steps

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