With recent downsizing of talented professionals and the power of globalization to provide opportunities for more
underdeveloped countries, the gig economy is a source of influence in today’s generation of professionals. Online
outsourcing media have shown to be valuable resources for companies who need a specific set of skills for a limited

GetUpFreelancer has led the pack by providing a flexible platform for freelancers

worldwide, including coders, writers, and web developers, putting businesses in touch with reasonably priced workers.
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May 18, 2017
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Online freelancing offers two potential benefits to workers, the first of which is flexibility. Flexibility stems from workers’ ability to decide when they want to work,

The second potential benefit of online freelance marketplaces is the promise of equality. Many studies have uncovered discrimination in traditional labour markets, where conscious and unconscious biases can limit the opportunities available to workers from marginalized groups. In contrast, online platforms can act as neutral intermediaries that preclude human biases. For example, when a customer requests a personal assistant from Fancy Hands,

they do not select which worker will complete the task; instead, an algorithm routes the task to any available worker. Thus, in these cases, customers’ preexisting biases cannot influence hiring decisions. While online freelancing marketplaces offer the promise of labor equality, it is unclear whether this goal is being achieved in practice.

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